Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Highs and Lows of the Alternative Press Expo

This year, after the first day of the Alternative Press Expo, Brent and I stood in our hotel's swanky lobby to ponder dinner's potential, and I noticed a refurbished Chutes and Ladders game board embedded in a decorative mirror. I snapped a picture of us in it, and the image stands as a poignant reminder of our history with APE -- one rife with reflection, with ups and downs.

Melodramatic, ain't we?

Thankfully, this year we avoided wayward wine barrels; we also enjoyed the rainy coastal weather and the delicious comfort food at Custom Burger. APE covered greater ground at the Concourse with an expanded exhibit hall, and with so many booths, it's easy for one's little comics to get lost in the crowd, but we're grateful for any chance to connect with fellow creators and attract new fans. For instance, behold the picture above and how gleeful this new fan is to have Brent sign a copy of his latest comic, Space Guy!

K.O. Comix would like to thank Robot 6's J.K. Parkin at Comic Book Resources for mentioning Russ's Amazing Arizona Comics, and Al's Comics for including Karaoke Comics in their APE window display. These opportunities only come once a year, so we're grateful for the exposure. If you picked up an issue of our work, please let us know what you think!

Russ's thoughts on the trip will continue at A Comic A Day, where he'll review his APE swag, and at KaraokeFanboy Weekly, where he'll muse on the urban mistress that is San Francisco.