Friday, October 30, 2009

Dog Town Teaser

Need to know more about what Dog Town is all about? Try this...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Annual APE-venture, Addendum

A special thanks to John Parkin from the blog Robot 6 for his detailed article about this year's Alternative Press Expo at Comic Book Resources, and for including some quotes from yours truly! Not to brag, but one of my quotes was actually used as the article's headline!

If anyone is checking us out as a result of that article, drop me a line, and I'll happily send you a complimentary copy of my first solo self-published comic, Karaoke Comics #1. Otherwise, check out the rest of this blog for the works and history of K.O. Comix, or the rest of my self-published work at KaraokeFanboy Press, or Brent's new dogs vs. cats apocalyptic western, Dog Town! Plenty of K.O. goodness to go around!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Annual APE-venture!

We'd like to welcome and thank anybody and everybody that visited the K.O. Comix booth at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco last weekend, and we'd especially like to thank everybody that picked up one of our comics or zines! If you're new to K.O., we've been around since 2001 (as a self-publisher -- as people, our origins trace back to the '70s), and our latest comics, Brent's amazing Dog Town and my Karaoke Comics, are labors of love we hope you take the time to enjoy. Please use this post to comment about our work, good or bad -- Give us feedback, or give us death!

Of course, if you missed APE, you can e-mail and ask about ordering any of our books all year long!

I have some personal thoughts and narrative about our experience on my other blog within the week, but until then check out the K.O. shout-outs at Robot 6 and Semantink and some reviews of our fellow exhibitors' work at A Comic A Day. It was great talking to all these guys, and we hope to keep in touch!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dog Town is Done!

Dog Town, Book 1, the Incident at Blackrock, is complete! You can read more about it at the Dog Town blog, and you can even buy one online at Lulu. Cool, huh? If you're going to APE, bring a few extra bucks. Russ and I have a booth there and we'll be selling new and old stuff.